Structured Products

Structured products enable investment into various asset classes with predefined risk profiles. They offer for example the ability to limit the downside, enhance yields or get access to, or leverage on, a wide range of asset classes. These asset classes can be equities in the form of single stocks or indices, commodities, foreign exchange, or interest rates. Thus, structured products are applicable to a very broad set of investment objectives and portfolios.

Structured products were originally created to meet specific investor needs that could not be met by standardized financial instruments, such as equities or bonds, available in the markets. Today, structured investment products are deemed to be fully customized investment products that meet specific investor requirements by offering predefined levels of return, exposure, risk and protection. The redemption value of structured products is linked to the performance of one or more underlying assets. The structured product design is driven typically by the investor and its objectives, and involves the selection of the appropriate underlying assets, pay-off structures and issue programme.

SSPA the Swiss Structured Products Association, where Leonteq is a member, provides a categorization of structured product into five types and learning tools here.

Leonteq's focus is on structured investment products and excludes leverage products.

Introduction To Structured Products by SSPA
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